The flagship Loving Vincent Exhibition will open in Noord Brabants Museum on 13th October 2017. This exhibition will contain 119 oil paintings from the film Loving Vincent, 10% of the paintings remaining after the filming process. 
The exhibition shows how the film-makers re-imagined the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh into the medium of film, using the very technology, oil-painting, that Vincent himself used. Exhibited will be the paintings involved in bringing to life some of the most famous Van Goghs: The Night Cafe, Starry Night over Rhone, The Red Vineyard, The Harvest, Bedroom in Arles, Wheat fields with Crows and the portraits of Dr Gachet, Armand Roulin, Postman Roulin, Adeline Ravoux, Marguerite Gachet, and Vincent van Gogh.
Be overwhelmed by the sheer number of paintings made as you walk through the room of paintings. Find out about Vincent’s life as a painter, and also the life of the film, how it developed from an idea into the world’s first fully painted feature film. Puzzle over the mystery of Vincent’s final weeks and tragic death. See how film stars were transformed into famous paintings, and how Vincent’s landscapes were brought to animated life. Spot every Vincent painting that is re-imagined in the film, and see how the film-makers turned some of the most iconicly bright paintings into the more sinister tones of the night.
There will be several interactive touch screen exhibits that allow the visitor to go deeper behind the scenes of the film, and there is even a painting-animator from the film in the exhibition brining to life a new painting, so the visitor can see with their own eyes how this film was pain-stakingly painted and animated by hand. Finally we give you the chance to meet the painters and the film makers behind this huge and unique endeavour.
Besides the Flagship exhibition, which is suitable for venues between 400 and 700 square metres there are also exhibition collections to suit a range of smaller venues. 
The Loving Vincent Exhibition Complete, covers all the same material as the Flagship exhibition, but with 46 paintings, and is suitable for venues between 200 and 350 square metres.
For smaller venues, up to 200 square metres, currently available for booking are the Loving Vincent Exhibition - the Kroller Muller Paintings and the Loving Vincent Exhibition - the Portraits collection. 
The Kroller Muller Paintings, shows how in the film we reimagine 9 of the most famous paintings that are part of the collection at the Kroller Muller Museum, which has the second largest Van Gogh collection in the world, including one of Vincent’s most famous creations, Cafe Terrace at Night. With 19 paintings from the film this exhibition covers how we turned film stars into paintings, how Vincent’s landscapes were brought to animated life, how Vincent’s bright sun-soaked style was, on occasion, re-imagined into shadows of nighttime. Exhibited with the support of the Kroller Muller Museum.
The Portraits Exhibitions concentrates on how we transformed film-stars into Van Gogh paintings, covering 12 portraits: Armand Roulin, Adelaine Ravoux, Dr Gachet, Marguerite Gachet, Postman Roulin, Pere Tanguy, Louise Chevailer (Girl in White), Boatman (Banks of the Oise at Auvers), Dr Mazery (At Eternity’s Gate),  and Gendarme Rigaumon (One-eyed Man).
If you are interested in inquiring about booking any of these unique exhibition experiences please email: exhibitions@lovingvincent.com


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