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Get out of here! 69x51cm

Painter: Ewa Gołda
Status: sold
This scene takes place following Vincent's departure from Arles hospital, after cutting off his left ear, seemingly fully recovered from his mental illness. He was trying to re-establish his life in the Yellow House after the terrifying experience of having a severe mental breakdown and losing his sanity. This process of recovery was not helped by the attitude of his neighbours. In particular he was harassed by youths; kids as young as 10 would follow him around calling him names and throw things at him. This flashback recreates this sad state of affairs.

This location was actually inspired by the painting ‘Field with Poppies’, painted by Van Gogh in 1889 when he was at St Remy, 13 months after he left Arles. The attraction of this painting was that it was on a hill-side, and it allowed for a more dramatic shot construction with the hounded Vincent running off down the hill away from his tormentors. Painted by Ewa Golda, our painting Animation Supervisor who trained our Wroclaw painters.


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