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La Moulin De la Galette 71x51cm

Painter: Marlena Jopyk Misiak
Status: sold
Vincent was fascinated by the windmills of Montmartre, and did several paintings of them. The windmills probably reminded him of his homeland, and so there was a sense of nostalgia, but also he was probably reflecting on how incongruous they looked in this urban setting. We chose this painting to be part of Armand’s journey through Paris partly because we like the painting, but also because it worked in terms of Armand walking up the hill in Montmartre. Our Loving Vincent painting is very close to the original apart from the blades of the windmill. In Vincent’s they are still, whereas on our painting we have motion blur around the blades from the process of animating the blades throughout the shot. The film features a horse and cart, large in the foreground, through the shot, but Marlena’s immaculate painting animation means that there is no trace of this in the final frame.


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