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Yet another dead end

Painter: Łukasz Gordon
Status: sold
This painting symbolises Vincent’s ignoble return from the Borinage. After the embarrassment of being thrown out of his uncle’s art dealership, and failed career attempts in teaching and book-selling, Vincent lobbied his parents to allow him to become a minister like his father. Despite reservations they backed him to pursue this fourth career path, hiring him a private tutor to prepare for the theological exams. When it became clear that Vincent stood no chance of passing the exams his father arranged for him to become a missionary’s assistant, the lowest rung on ecclesiastical career ladder in the Borinage, a desperately poor mining area in Belgium. Vincent was sacked from even this lowly post, for being over-zealous, and he had to return in shame to the family home. Painted by Lukasz Gordon, one of Loving Vincent’s most prolific animators and also one of the Design Painters on the film.


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