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People here are on edge about Vincent, everybody has a different story 72x52cm

Painter: Carmen Belean
Status: exhibition
The wheatfields are famously the ‘scene of the crime’ in Lust for Life, based on an account drawn directly from the rather poetic description of Vincent’s death by his friend Emile Bernard, who attended the funeral. For this reason, and for the reason of the fame and mesmeric beauty of Wheatfield with Crows and Vincent’s other Auvers wheatfield paintings we decided that they would be a significant location in Loving Vincent. Armand visits the wheatfields on three occasions: once while a rainstorm breaks, once in the heat of the day with thunderclouds forming, and also at dawn, as in this shot, where Armand is examining the location that locals have told him was the scene of the crime. Surprisingly Vincent didn’t paint the wheatfields at dawn in Auvers, so we had to draw on his dawn/sunset paintings to come up with a dawn approach, which was devised by our head of painting Piotr Dominak. This vivid and enticing shot was painted and animated by Carmen Belean.


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