Bartosz Dłużewski

Bartosz Dłużewski is from Poland, and his family will tell you he was born with a pencil in his hand, drawing since he was a young child rather than playing with toys.  Bartosz attended the ZPSP (General and High School of Fine Arts ) in Warsaw and also has a diploma from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He was working as a freelancer and graphic designer when he saw an announcement online about Loving Vincent.


After training he worked with Breakthru Films as an animator on another animated project - the music video Nad Ranem. After that he joined our first group of design painters and that's how his Van Gogh adventure began. During the 3 years of work with Breakthru, Bartosz developed skills in many fields: working as a design painter, an animator, a mattepainter and in VFX. 

Bartosz is a universal artist working in many artistic fields (drawing. painting, sculpture), mainly as a portrait artist, and he works as as an animator, a digital artist and a graphic desginer as well. For him art in general is a way to express himself, to develop and play with this what he loves - creation. He also writes and plays the guitar. 



Wild roses


Train Carriage on The Blue Train


Armand Roulin in the Wheatfields


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