Piotr Dominiak

Piotr graduated from the Lodz Academy of Fine Art, and did whatever jobs offered to him if they involved painting, including painting shop signs, large scale freizes, and theatre sets. When there weren’t painting jobs Piotr worked at casual jobs to leave himself free should any painting jobs come up, including being a grill chef.

One of his painting jobs involved painting the forest backdrop and moonlit night backdrop for BreakThru Films’ Peter and the Wolf. Following this he was appointed head of painting on Dorota Kobiela’s short film, The Little Postman, and then became one of the ‘gang of four’ painters involved in the R&D and painting the concept trailer for Loving Vincent .

Along with Dorota Kobiela and Tomek Wochniak, Piotr designed the Painting Animation Work Station.


But what do I say when I find him? part 2
You're to convey deepest condolences.
Dr Gachet - Keyframe
Young Vincent
I’m not sure their housekeeper would let me.
Vincent, he looked like he was alright.
End Credit Book - English version
End Credit Book - French version
End Credit Book - Polish version
End Credit Book - Dutch version
Loving Vincent: The Impossible Dream DVD


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