Biserka Petrovic

Biserka Petrovic is a Serbian artist with an MA degree in artistic graphics from the University of Arts in Belgrade and the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. She has taught painting at international art schools in Florence and participated in more than 30 group and 6 solo shows in Italy, Serbia, Denmark, U.S.A., Romania and Bulgaria. Biserka has won awards and special mentions for painting and graphics in Serbia, U.S.A. and Italy.

Biserka’s paintings investigate the ways we perceive things around us, and different points of view, according to Gestalt psychology and quantum physics, connecting traditional painting with new practices that leave space for the spectators to interpret and interact with the artwork.

She heard about the project from a friend and joined the Loving Vincent team in 2016, and after flirting with Armand Roulin found her perfect match in energetic and irascible Dr Mazery character, based on Vincent’s painting “At Eternity’s Gate”.


I could tell by his wound.
Most likely. He was shot.


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