Lilla Agrafioti

Lilla is a Greek painter, who graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Thessaloniki. She has had two solo shows in Greece and also participated in national and international group exhibitions in Shanghai, Mexico, Italy, Finland, and Istanbul. She has participated in art residencies throughout Europe.


Lilla’s work is mostly anthropocentric. Her late paintings are portraits based on photographs and interviews where the models are invited to take a rather active role in the process of painting. Departing from the traditional portraiture, this procedure allows the painter to follow an alternative approach by incorporating the model’s image of themselves.


Apart from painting, she works as an art teacher in public schools; she has also been a printmaking assistant, a children's book illustrator and a scenography assistant.


Lilla joined the Loving Vincent ‘Greek Team’ in June 2016.



Well, that's what my father reckons.


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