Tyler Berry

Tyler Berry is an American artist who earned his BFA from the Hartford Art School and has also studied at Grand Central Academy of art in New York City.


Tyler flew out to audition for a position on the animation team only hours after graduating. Tyler passed and quickly fell into place as a competent painter of both Armand and the Old Man characters. Tyler's close friend and former classmate Ryan Chapman passed the audition a few days later, and the two of them can be recognized as the only animators to work in all three studios across Poland and Greece.


Tyler currently works in a classical tradition and looks forward to expanding his education in traditional painting. He strives for sincere interpretation of beauty found in nature, and integrity in draughtsmanship. Quality of light and tonal/color relationships are utilized to explore the human figure. His work is grounded in the 19th-century tradition and influenced by great figurative artists such as John Sargent and Ilya Repin, as well as naturalist painters such as Emile Friant and Jules Bastien-Lepage.


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