Władysław Pitala

Władysław Pitala graduated from Pedagogical University of Cracow, with MA degree in Art Education. He is a member of the Polish Artists Association and the Polish Pastelists Association. To date, he has dealt with various aspects of art: creating, teaching, popularizing and aesthetic reflection. Creates in the field of painting, drawing,  graphic art, sculpture, stained glass and multimedia. Freely using various artistic techniques, lately his frequent choice is watercolor. As a freelancer, he specializes in graphic design for printing and internet.

So far, he has organized more than 30 individual exhibitions. At IV International Art Triennale Majdanek '94 won honorary award.

At Breakthru Films, he worked as an animation painter of the music video "Nad Ranem" (2014) and later on the film "Loving Vincent" (2015-2016).

2017 - the year of the release of Loving Vincent - is also the 40th anniversary of his creative work.

- The most interesting experience in working with the film was the ability to paint portraits of the same people even several hundred times in different sequences of motion, different facial expressions and psychological expression. I never thought such training would happen to me :-)





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