Bartosz Armusiewicz

Bartosz graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts for printmaking at the University of Nicholas Copernicus in Toruń. He has worked as a graphic designer, a restoration painter, and a set painter for the National Opera and National Ballet in Warsaw’s Grand Theatre.

Bartosz was part of the first group of painters selected to work on Loving Vincent and was quickly given the nick-name ‘Arm of Vincent’ by the other painters due to the ease with which he recreated Vincent’s style. Bartosz was part of the storyboard team and then specialised in doing the Design Paintings of each of the actors as their Vincent character, and since has been animating part of the epic opening shot of the film.


Sloping path in Montmartre 1st version KF
Adeline Ravoux - Keyframe
Louise Chevalier - Keyframe
Idiot boy - Keyframe
Dr Mazery - Keyframe
Old Man - Keyframe
La Mousme - Keyframe
I know.


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