Agata Smólska

Agata graduated with a Master’s Degree in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk and also studied the History of Art at the University of Warsaw. In 2013 she defended her Master’s thesis concerning the life and work of the British artist Gwen John. Having completed her studies, she worked as a painter and art teacher. In 2015 she joined the BreakThru team as a painting animator. Her own work is dominated by the theme of ‘interiors’. She is fascinated with formal and symbolic expression of this motive. She most willingly depicts familiar spaces marked by human presence. She is also deeply interested in classical portraiture. Intimate surroundings as well as the art of old masters are her main sources of inspiration.


There were just a few artists from Paris.
Ah Yeah... Perfect.
My father sent him away.
The jealous Doctor.
But something was very wrong
Vincent at work in Tambourin.


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