Wiktor Jackowski

Wiktor was part of the first group of painters selected to work on Loving Vincent.

His skill in re-imagining Vincent’s style into different environments led to him being selected by Dorota to be the main Design Painter, and along with Jerzy Lisak and Lukasz Gordon established the ‘NoirVincent’ style for the night time scenes in Loving Vincent.

After most of the Design Paintings were completed Wiktor was sent to Athens to test, train and supervise the ‘Greek Team’ of 20 painters, based at Studio Mabrida.


Oh, I see. Well.. how come?
Street view of Pere Tanguy's shop.


She was ten months old.
Yellow House at night
Boatman - Keyframe
Zouave - Keyframe
Sketches of Arles and The Yellow House


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