Tetiana Ocheredko

Tetiana studied at the Publishing and Printing Institute of the National Technical University of Ukraine. She is a member of the National Union of Ukrainian Artists, and in 2013 became laureate of the Kyiv City scholarship. During 2010-2012 she worked on the mosaic design of the Savior Transfiguration Cathedral in Kiev. She has participated in Ukrainian and international exhibitions and competitions and is a regular participant and art curator of the “Art Twins” project. She has also illustrated many published books for adult and children audiences and her works are found in private collections across the world


Now, it wasn't as peaceful as it sounds.
They took a boat.
She copied it out and sent it to me.
Causing trouble again I see.
Turns out, Gachet did send the letter.
It’s not my letter. It’s Vincent’s.
This one time, it was just us. Me fishing, him painting.
Busy Night aborted
I never get to speak a word with her.


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