Maria Shepelenko

Maria was born in Kyiv, Ukraine. Her fields of activities are diverse. She considers painting her favourite but also loves photography, etching, easel graphics, computer graphics and collage. One of her best sources of inspiration is her motherland – Ukraine. This country is amazing in its nature, traditions, and the special spirit she feels every time she gets out of the big city to the countryside with her family. In her works she likes to show the humour of the people she depicts; parallel worlds and fantastic creatures, abstract forms and feelings. she loves to use vivid colours, colour combinations and big coloured spots. The second country that gives her great inspiration is Poland, where Maria now lives. Maria started her studies here as a graphic designer in Poland. The six months she spent working on Loving Vincent was a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the process of painting animation and also to get to know people from all over the world.


Armand spies through the window
I know what that's like.


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