Anna Kluza

Anna Kluza graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. She has received numerous awards and honors, and has taken part in three individual exhibitions as well as group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Anna's passion is nature - her relationship with a man for her continuous inspiration, just as the secrets of the human personality.

Anna was part of the first group of painters selected to work on Loving Vincent, and quickly amazed us with how quickly and intuitively she took to animation. She was part of the supervisory team in charge of testing and training the painters. On the film she has animated some of the most ambitious shots, created many of the design paintings, and is the Painting Animation Supervisor in charge of the Doctor Gachet and Marguerite Gachet painting animators.


I'm going to Auvers.
Tanguy imbibes.
The nut case has cut off his ear.
What did that nobody ever do for us?
Postman Roulin - Keyframe
Lieutenant Milliet - Keyframe
Turning Vincent - Keyframe
Ravoux Inn Interior, Keyframe.
Don't you think thats odd?


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