Sara Calderon Gonzalez

Sara graduated from the University of Fine Arts in Madrid. After completing her Masters in Social and Cultural Arts Education, she began working on her art-collective ´La Rueda Invertida´ that she co-founded to serve main objective of social action and art. The collaboration resulted in the exhibition ´Pause´ held at the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid. She combines these projects with her work as a painter and cultural mediator in various exhibitions and institutions.

She joined the team of Loving Vincent after reading an article in a newspaper that her father left on her desk. The Loving Vincent team are sincerely thankful to her father, as Sara, despite being a late arrival, produced some of the most memorable portrait animations of Armand Roulin in the film.


You want to know so much about his death, but what do you know of his life?


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