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Railway Carriages 67x50cm

Painter: Aleksandra Osa
Status: ready for sale
Price: (+ shipping cost)75006337802032499
As our hero, Armand, like Vincent, travels between Arles, Paris and Auvers, Vincent’s paintings of trains were useful for conveying the travelling in the film, and also for injecting energetic motion into the film. Using Railway Carriages, a painting that Vincent did of stationary railway carriages while in Arles, was a happy discovery for us. Originally we had Armand Roulin running to leap onto a train leaving Gare du Nord. As Vincent never painted Gare du Nord, we came up with an imaginative approach to how he might have painted it, using as reference Monet’s train station paintings as well as various Vincent paintings. It was only after we had finished the imagined design painting for Gare du Nord that Dorota realised we could use Railway Carriages, imagining that the trains were passing each other, rather than being stationary carriages in a side holding. We were thrilled about this development as our aim was to include as many paintings of Vincent’s recognisably as close to the original as possible. This turned into a very dynamic and memorable shot animated and painted by Osa.

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