Marlena Jopyk Misiak

Marlena graduated in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. While studying she represented Poland in the sport of Wind-surfing. Marlena worked as a painter until she met Dorota and Hugh.

Marlena joined the BreakThru team in 2012, as one of the original ‘Gang of Four’ who painted the Loving Vincent Test trailer. She was part of the supervisory team in charge of testing and training the painters, after which she decided she missed painting animation too much to continue as a supervisor, electing instead to be one of the painting animators. As well as animating an array of amazing shots in the film Marlena has painted many of the Design Paintings establishing the style of the film. She has a a12-years-old son, Ziemowit, and has, during the past three years, started competing again in windsurfing at an international level, and after Loving Vincent aims to take part in the World Championships in Australia.


Armand at Blute-Fin
What brings you to Auvers?
The Harvest
Gachet garden


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