Loving Vincent US release date

Our US distributor, Good Deed Entertainment has finalized their Fall theatrical distribution plans for Loving Vincent.  The film will be released in New York on 9.22, expanding to LA on 9.29 with a national roll out on 10.6.  Catch the official US release poster below! 



“I was absolutely enthralled with LOVING VINCENT. It was like watching van Gogh’s extraordinary paintings come to life!  GDE can’t wait to share this amazing cinematic experience with audiences as they discover some of the mysteries surrounding Vincent’s life and death.”

GDE CEO, Scott Donley.


“During the long years through which we painted the 65,000 paintings that went into making this film, a lot of support came to us from members of the public in America. We received financial support, moral support and enthusiastic encouragement that got us through some dark times, so for us it is absolutely fitting that the first place in the world that this film will go before the public is in America. And as our film opens with a gigantic tracking shot down from the stars, which took 3 of our best painters a combined 18 months to animate, all inspired by Van Gogh’s “The Starry Night”, part of The Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection, there could be no more fitting place to open the film than in New York.”

Co-Directors Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman.


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