Loving Vincent Gallery showings

As well as screenings at film festivals and in cinemas, we are delighted that Loving Vincent will also be showing in art galleries and museums worldwide over the coming months.


The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam will be hosting the Netherlands premiere of Loving Vincent on October 5, ahead of the release in cinemas across the country on October 26. 


Meanwhile in France the Musee d’Orsay will screen the film on September 25. The film will be in French cinemas on October 11, with Armand Roulin voiced by French star Pierre Niney. 


In the USA Loving Vincent is also showing at the Getty Museum on September 9, at the Dallas Museum of Art on October 7 and at the Detroit Institute of Arts on October 14 . Look out for the film in theatres across the US beginning September 22. 


In the UK, Loving Vincent will premiere at the National Gallery on October 9th, as part of a special London Film Festival event broadcast into cinemas nationwide. 


On October 13, our Loving Vincent exhibition also opens in The Netherlands, at Het NoordBrabants Museum.





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