Aidan Turner stars as The Boatman

Aidan is one of the best known actors in the UK as a result of his leading role in the BBC hit TV series, Poldark, and as the Vampire John Mitchell in Being Human.


He is also known throughout the world for his portrayal of the dwarf Kili in the Hobbit trilogy. He was voted world’s sexiest man 2016 by Glamour magazine.


The all-seeing Boatman

“You can catch a lot of life down here, if you catch my drift.”

Douglas Booth stars as Armand Roulin

Robert Gulaczyk stars as Vincent van Gogh

Eleanor Tomlinson stars as Adeline Ravoux

Jerome Flynn stars as Doctor Paul Gachet

Saoirse Ronan stars as Marguerite Gachet

Chris O'dowd stars as Postman Joseph Roulin

John Sessions stars as Pere Tanguy

Aidan Turner stars as The Boatman

Helen McCrory stars as Louise Chevalier

James Greene stars as Old Man

Bill Thomas stars as Dr Mazery

Martin Herdman stars as Gendarme Rigaumon

Robin Hodges stars as Lieutenant Milliet

Josh Burdett stars as Zouave

Holly Earl stars as La Mousme

Joe Stuckey stars as Idiot Boy


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